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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Globe Theater and Digital Story Project

Today I've spent most of the morning working on my digital story project, which is below. Our group is planning to go to the Globe Theater tonight to see Anne Boleyn and take some nighttime photography along the Thames. It'll be great to have a night out!

Sorry about the black borders in this. I went back and tried to fix them numerous times in PhotoStory, but when I uploaded the file to YouTube, they came back. This class is actually making me wish I had a Mac for my media projects.


Schmidt, C. (Director, producer, editor). (2011). Dear Future London Multimedia Student [Web]. Available from

Music, in Order of Appearance

Byrne, David (Lyricist). (1981). Once in a lifetime [Recorded by Talking Heads]. On Remain in Light [Medium of recording: CD] New York: Sire Records.

Welch, Florence (Lyricist). (2008). Dog Days Are Over [Recorded by Florence and the Machine]. On Lungs [Medium of recording: CD] London: Moshi Moshi.

Reed, Lou (Lyricist). (1972). Walk on the Wild Side [Recorded by Lou Reed]. On Transformer [Medium of recording: CD] New York: RCA.

Torrini, Emiliana (Lyricist). (1999). Unemployed in Summertime. On Love in the Time of Science [Medium of recording: CD] London: Virgin.

Resnick, Arthur (Lyricist). (1968). Yummy Yummy Yummy [Recorded by Ohio Express]. On Ohio Express [Medium of recording: CD] New York: Buddha Records.

Blegvad, Peter (Lyricist). (1990). Blue Flower [Recorded by Mazzy Star]. On She Hangs Brightly [Medium of recording: CD] New York: Capitol.

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  1. Love the digital story project! And the music choice :)