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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Humps in the road and Beautiful Lies

In Notting Hill, they enjoy their humps.

Today was an absolute whirlwind of running around London. Kicking the morning off was a guided tour of Westminster Abbey, which I ended up enjoying far more than I imagined. So many famous Brits are buried underneath marked tiles in the church. The poets' corner gave me a pang of longing for my English classes with Dr. Pace. Alfred Tennyson, Henry James, Thomas Hardy, and Geoffrey Chaucer are either memorialized or buried here. Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton are here, too. Walking over these famous graves and listening to our tour guide tell us royal tales gave me a sense of the deep, deep history that permeates London.

We witnessed a wedding in the observation pod in the London Eye this afternoon! The employees stopped the Eye, put a green wreath into it, and then the guests filed in. The bride, somewhere in her 60s, was wearing a printed floral dress and a little blue hat with veil. Our group, in the pod next door, cheered them on. After the ceremony ended, the wedding guests caught notice of us and smiled and waved. It was such a happy moment.
The couple are on the far left of the pod.

After the Eye, the group headed to Pizza Express and caught the last Harry Potter film at the Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill Gate. Wikipedia informs me that this cinema was featured in the film Notting Hill, which means I'll probably have to go home and rent it, even though I can't stand Hugh Grant rom-coms. Anyhow, British cinemas and American theaters are pretty comparable. The notable differences were that this cinema had alcohol, so I had a cider, there was a balcony, and the food options included popcorn with salt or sugar, toffee popcorn, and ice cream. No overpriced jumbo hot dogs, pretzels, or Icees. It was nice. They had a preview for a brand-new Audrey Tatou comedy opening here on August 12th called Beautiful Lies. It had better come to America soon. The Harry Potter film itself, of course, was epic.

Matches the heights of Amelie? :D

Overall, a busy day. Next up is the Olympic Village.

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