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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Cream Roses and Abbey Road

Even with ample warning before I came here, London weather is even more changeable than I figured. Cool mornings, a bit of sun, then more cool weather, then sun, then some rain, sun, and so forth. Now I'm in the habit of always carrying an umbrella or raincoat, as well as an outfit I'd wear in a Wisconsin autumn, like a tank, cardigan, plus pants, skirt, or leggings. I don't mind the rain very much, though. This city reminds me of an early October in Wisconsin, or a San Francisco January. Two of my favorite places.

Regent's Park in London holds Queen Mary's Rose Gardens and Primrose Hill, as well as London Zoo. The Rose Gardens contain 400 varieties of roses, with immaculate flower beds, lawns, hedges, and fountains. It was easily the most beautiful garden I've ever been in. My grandparents, all excellent gardeners, would have been thrilled to see it.

Flying kites on Primrose Hill, as in Mary Poppins, was incredibly fun, even if my cheap kite broke and only flew about 6 feet high. Note for future classes: don't buy kites from the Dollar Tree. I threw off my shoes and tore across the field, trying to make my kite fly. It felt like being small again, trying to fly kites over the cornfields.

The highlight of today was Abbey Road, which turns out to be just a regular zebra crossing (meaning that when you stick a foot in the crosswalk, traffic is required to halt). Since Abbey Road is a busy road, this means that pain-in-the butt tourists are always running into the crosswalk, snapping photos. Today, I got to be a pain-in-the-butt tourist. Photo is on another friend's camera, unfortunately. For live footage, you can always check out the Abbey Road webcam under the Archives tab. I was there between 1:30-2:00 pm today.

This weekend I'm visiting Brighton to see my lovely friend Ellie. Absolutely cannot wait.


  1. Will be lovely to see you!

    Love the pictures too - those roses are pretty <3