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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Museum of London, St. Paul's, and Becoming One with the Steps

The Museum of London is a great, free, smaller museum detailing the history of London from the beginning of time to the present. They had a decent section about the black plague, which always grabs my attention. Over half the population of London died in 1348, and the plague continued to haunt London off and on for hundreds of years. Scientists speculate if it was caused by fleas on rats or a virus, but either way, it makes me wonder about how much the world lost due to the plague-brilliant people, criminals, and all the generations in between.

St. Paul's Cathedral is a spectacular feat of architecture and beauty. Imagine a cathedral the size of a state capitol building, with a 364 foot tall dome, beautifully detailed mosaics sprawling across the ceilings, paintings, and memorials everywhere. Alexander Fleming, the physician who discovered penicillin, is buried at this cathedral, as well as Christopher Wren, who designed something like 50 cathedrals around England. I originally thought St. Paul's was a Catholic church, but it is really affiliated with the Church of England.

After the tour, I decided to climb the 528 steps through the three domes of the cathedral, all the way to the top. Now that I know what climbing up 528 steps feels like, I can tell you that it's dizzying, it's a feat of endurance, but it also is fairly manageable if you turn your brain off and just keep going, steadily. Bring water. The steps between the Whispering Gallery and the Stone Gallery were the most exhausting. The staircase to the Golden Gallery felt shorter, but there is an open, black metal spiral staircase that will make you clutch the rails. If you survive, you'll be treated to the most gorgeous view of London ever. Climbing the St. Paul's Cathedral Dome is pretty much London's version of the Eiffel Tower. It's worth it.

Climbing down all 528 steps at once will probably make your head spin. At one point, I swear I ceased to be climbing down the stairs; the stairs were rushing me down. Still, worth it.

The next project for my class is a video. I made one about Harrods, the most elaborate and luxurious department store I've ever laid eyes on. A majority of my project decided to fail tonight, so this is what I've rebuilt in a few hours. The best part was choosing the music. Siouxsie and the Banshees and Frank Sinatra; excellent.

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  1. Nice, I love the music, especially Hong Kong Garden