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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scottish Comedian-Turned Tour Guides and Giant Rocks

Just when I think our Blue Badge tour guides can't get any more fun and entertaining, we get another one that exceeds expectations. His name was Sean Simpson, a Scottish guide. Voice of Craig Kilbourne, humor of a deadpan Jim Gaffigan. He was very interested in our group's photo mascots and made hilarious comments on the passersby and animals we passed on our two-hour trip to Stonehenge. I wanted to beg him to talk to us more; he was that entertaining.

Stonehenge! It's located in gorgeous, gently rolling British countryside. Despite the groups of tourists roped off in a loop around the mighty stones, it's fairly quiet and peaceful. A perfect place for a picnic. There were the usual gift shops selling stone and sheep related merchandise, as there's a huge pasture of sheep across the road from Stonehenge. The experience of walking around Stonehenge was pretty ordinary, but I enjoyed wondering how the heck those stones were moved across the country from Wales. They say it was a burial site, perhaps.

After visiting a lovely cathedral in the nearby town of Salisbury (which happens to house the Magna Carta, by the way), I went to the Ye Olde Ale House with Beth, Kalyca, and Tiffanie and had my first Pimm's cocktail. Delicious. I've asked Daniel to check and see if they sell it in the states. After some shopping at the Salisbury market, in which I bought a punnet of Belgium strawberries, a used Bill Bryson book, and a beach towel for Italy, the delightful Sean and my group enjoyed naps on the coach bus home. A peaceful touring day. Oxford may have been more exciting, but I love Salisbury now too. And nope, didn't see the namesake steak on any menus.

Today's photo assignment was to create a five-picture story. Mine involves Rosie Rex. She's training for the 2012 Olympics, see, and she thought it'd be a good idea to scale Stonehenge for exercise like King Kong.

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