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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The End of London

It's the final day of my official study abroad trip, and  I'm really depressed about leaving. My classmates are at that point where missing home is getting the better of them. While I've been missing people back home more and more, I've also become completely accustomed to this new life. I had absolutely no idea I'd get so attached to London after only three weeks. How do my friends who have studied abroad for three months or a year handle leaving? Having every day bring something new is so attractive.

The three weeks haven't gone fast or slowly, but not like normal life, either. More like a time warp? A discovery of a British parallel life that I've been meant to live all along? Studying abroad in England has been a strong desire for years, and's done. People keep saying I'll return someday, but financially, I know it will be a long time from now. I'm twenty-four and a pretty capable traveler, no house, no husband, no children, but no full-time job or big savings account, either. I just want to go and go and go and not stop.

So, I'm heading to Italy tomorrow on an Italian adventure that was on special at the travel agency when I booked my trip. I'll land in the Rome Fiumicino airport at 7:40 pm tomorrow, take a shuttle to the hostel, and then for three days, I'll see Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, the Isle of Capri, and ride around southern Italy with 39 people, mostly Australians. Talking about this trip, only a day away, still sounds like an elaborate fantasy to my ears, but I'm going.

Not sure how much Italian internet access I'll get, but I'll post about it when I arrive home next week, on Tuesday or Wednesday. So dear reader, check back soon. And thank you immensely for reading about London. As class assignments go, this blog has been one of my favorite, most public things I've ever done. Cheers!


  1. yay! now you'll be able to look back and talk about the studying abroad that you DID do. i never did, and of course, that's probably my biggest regret. but ITALY!!! whoa that's gonna be so fun!!! have a blast =)

  2. enjoy Italy please eat lotsa Pasta for me!

  3. PaHoua: Not studying abroad at UWEC was my biggest regret, too. Thanks for the well wishes about Italy! It's going to be so different than here. And um, I need to review my language book before I get there. I find your travels and work in California incredibly inspiring, by the way. I've always admired how much you've done after college, while staying in a long-distance relationship. Basically, you're just brilliant. :)

    Vanessa: All the pasta will be cleared out by the time I leave. Promise.