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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hampton Court and Heading Towards the End...

Today is the day that I finally felt our group's usual energy fizzle out. I've been wondering when that was coming. With several of our group members ill, and one having to go to the hospital today (feel better, Cassie!), we're worn out. While I don't mind walking around all day, exhaustion is catching up with me. Lately I've been only getting six or less hours of sleep at night, and if I have no protein at breakfast, I have absolutely no energy for a full day of touring, photographing, and learning. With a sunburn, trying to wrap up classwork, trying to pack and plan for my Italy trip on Thursday, this beautiful trip is speeding toward its conclusion. I'm so sad about it. Just give me a quiet weekend to catch up, and I could continue this lifestyle for months and months.

Today's tour was for Hampton Court, which is where the infamous Henry VIII lived, as well as Queen Mary, William III, and several other kings and queens. I toured young King Henry's and William III's apartments as well as the Wilderness gardens. There were several other apartments and gardens, but I only had energy enough for those few things. The gardens were almost as lovely as Versailles's.

Hampton Court loans out these sweet tunics for you to wear around the grounds. I was the only one in my group to actually wear one longer than the photo op. Goes well with dresses!

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