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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hyde Park and Tea Time

After coming in late from Paris the night before, it was great to have a day to simply enjoy. Hyde Park is beautiful! We visited the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (open to adults only before 10 am, then the children show up), strolled through the flower walk, went to the Diana, Princess of Wales Fountain, which is more like a lazy river for children and the public to enjoy, visited the Peter Pan statue in tribute to its author, J.M. Barrie, and finally ended up at Kensington Palace for high tea. Today I was the group photographer, so I took a shot of all of us at tea. It was delicious-four crustless sandwiches like salmon, cucumber, and ham, a sultana scone, chocolate cupcake, an apricot tart, English tea, and water with lemon.

Hyde Park reminded me a lot of my Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt, who kept two swans and owned a paddleboat for their small pond. Grandma would have loved Hyde Park, I am sure. I really missed her today. Maybe my grandpa still has the paddleboat somewhere in the shed or the gazebo.


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