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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Montmartre and Amelie's Cafe: the Paris Weekend (3)

On Sunday, I finally went to a section of Paris that I've always dreamed about going to, even more so than the Palace of Versailles, and that's Montmartre, where the film Amelie was set. In the movie, Amelie waits tables at Cafe des Deux Moulins (Two Windmills), and it's a must-see for fans of the movie. My friend Tiffanie and I really enjoyed our Sunday lunch there. The cafe looks very similar to how it looked in the film, except that there's no tobacco (tabac) counter and the restaurant is smaller. Yet the cafe embraces its Amelie fame, with posters, menus, pictures, and placemats bearing Audrey Tatou's face. It's not overwhelming, though. The other tables seemed to be full of tourists taking pictures, too, but it'd be a nice place for a regular to have lunch or a drink.
Outside the cafe

Close-up of the portrait they have of her.
You get a beautiful placemat! I bought a clean one for a souvenir.

The food was simple and good. I had some baked chicken, chips, mixed greens, an Orangina, and the namesake creme brulee. My friend had the breakfast brunch with eggs, jacket potato, amazing sausage, bacon, and a creme brulee as well. The little French diner played everything from the White Stripes's "Seven Nation Army" to Aretha Franklin's "Respect." I confess that I hoped it'd be Yann Tiersen instead.

The rest of the day, we walked around Montmartre, browsing the shops and sitting outside when we could. We found used bookstores, clothing stores, a store that sold nothing but angel merchandise, a carousel, nice gift shops, fruit stands, and bakeries. I bought a bin of red currants and dipped them into my lemon tart. Fantastic. If you know anything about Montmartre, you know that I'm skipping over the porn shops and signs advertising erotic dancers. But hey, we were there on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Everything looks more innocent in the sunlight.

Keeping in part with our nap in front of the Eiffel Tower the previous day, Tiffanie and I relaxed on some park benches and dozed on the gorgeous Sunday afternoon. It was a relaxing day, and it was grand. I know I should have gone to the cathedral, the museums, and other big landmarks, but really, I was just happy eating a citron tart in the sun and finding a cafe with significance to me. I love landmarks, but I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.

We returned back to London on the Eurostar at 10:43, and that was that.

My favorite foods from this weekend:
Tarts (apple, lemon, pear, strawberry)
Pan aux raisin
Berry panna cotta
Italian pasta with tomatoes, chilis, and basil
Limoncello ice cream
Six escargot
Three crepes (Nutella and red currant jam, a chantilly with Nutella, banana, and whipped cream, and sugar)
Tuna and hard-boiled egg sandwich

French words I kept running into:
Chantilly-whipped cream
Fromage-cheese (I said it while taking photos)

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