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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Versailles and the Eiffel Tower at Midnight: the Paris Weekend (2)

Saturday in Paris brought Versailles, which was two metro rides and a 25 minute RER train ride away from my hotel. Since seeing Sofia Coppola's lush renedition of Marie Antoinette's life in Marie Antoinette, I've always wanted to see the palace. After we got off the RER, our group just followed all the tourists from the train station to the golden gates.

And tourists there were. Unsurprisingly, Versailles is crowded with tourists on a summer morning on Saturday. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't go, though. You should just learn to politely push.
Your first view upon Versailles.

These tourists I mentioned. We bought tickets ahead of time, but had to wait in an enormous line.

The golden gates.

The Hall of Mirrors. Very famous and very, very beautiful.

The Queen's bedchambers. This was by far the most popular room, but the detail was exquisite. So much gold.

For some reason, my friend and I weren't able to buy a 1-day passport, so we weren't able to personally tour the famous gardens. However, we could view them from the palace windows.

Exploring palaces is my thing, even if they are totally unrealistic living spaces. There were several paintings at Versailles that measure 600 square feet. My apartment, with two people in it, is about 515 square feet. I could live in a painting.

 After touring the palace, the 15 euros pretty well worth it, Tiffanie and I picnicked outside. We sat atop a small stone pillar, eating ham baguettes, pink lemonade, and fruit tarts. Despite the bees (rampant in Paris), it was a perfect Saturday afternoon.

After a great dinner at a little Italian restaurant near our hotel, I convinced some friends to go visit the Eiffel Tower after dark. Getting off at the Trocadero metro stop gave us such an excellent view of the tower at 11:30 pm. It was the most romantic sight I've ever seen. Pictures do no justice; one day you just must go and see for yourself. Then, get in line right before the tower closes at midnight, pay your 8 euros (6,60 if you're under 25), go to the second floor (or the top if it's still open), and just watch the two million Parisians finish their days, as couples around you over-enthusiastically kiss and get proposed to. There is absolutely nothing else I'd rather be doing on a Saturday night. It did make me miss Daniel a lot, though. Yeah.

Then, ride the carousel with your friends and eat crepes and cotton candy at 12:30 am, and you'll have just had the most beautiful day of your life. I'm over-romanticizing, but I couldn't care less. Paris is magical.

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  1. Well, I'm sold!

    It sounds absolutely fantastic <3 so glad you had such a good time!